Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cute Custom Refinished Table

We had a wonderful customer bring us this charming little end table she had picked up for a steal at a yard sale. 
Cute, but in definite need of a makeover! 
She requested that it be done in an Ivy Leaf green (one of our most popular colors!) and then given a ebony glaze finish. 

And here is the finished project....

It doesn't even look like the same table, does it?  Sometimes just a little pop of color can make the BIGGEST difference!!  We love it and hope that our wonderful customer does too!

If you are interested in having one of your own pieces custom refinished, just zip us an email at aryannsplace@gmail.com to get started. 

With those holidays fast approaching and your gift list growing and growing, a custom refinished piece of furniture would be a wonderful gift with a personal touch!


  1. I Love it! it looks perfect! thank you so much. I cant wait for more projects!

  2. We are so very happy that you love the outcome!....and so excited to work with you on future projects! Keep in touch!!