Friday, January 29, 2016

We Make House Calls

Need help with finishing up a project that you started on but you're a little nervous about the finishing touches?
Or do you have a space that you're trying to decorate but just can't get that last final "thing" that would give it the cherry on top!

We'll guess what??  We make house calls!!
That's right.....we can come to you!!  

If you need advice, assistance, encouragement, or whatever it may be, we can come to you and help you finish up your project.

One of our very sweet clients had done a fabulous job painting her entire dining set white.  
But she decided that wasn't enough and the set needed some overall distressing.  However, distressing can be a little bit scary and she wasn't quite ready to take on the task herself, so she gave us a call and we were more than willing to schedule an appointment at her house to help her finish her project.

Here is the dining set before distressing:

And here it is after!!

We were able to show her a few techniques on how we like to distress and stayed with her until the project was finished to her liking.  

Diet Coke, distressing, and a little girl talk.....What a fun way to spend a morning!!

So if you're interested or in need of an in home consult, just send us an email to get started.

Thanks for looking!

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