Monday, November 15, 2010

From Hum Drum to HOLY COW!!

So, in our opinion (and very personal opinion, we must clarify), dining tables can often be a little on the blah side. 
Don't get us wrong.....there are some gorgeous dining sets out there with beautiful wood grain and stunning architectural detail. 
But looking at the SAME table, the SAME chairs, the SAME color of wood can become a little hum drum.

Well one of our fabulous customers was facing just such a conundrum!  She had a dining set that, even after 20 years, still was in wonderful condition and still very functional.  But she was, quite frankly, sick and tired of staring at the same set day in and day out.  So what to do???

One of the funnest things about this particular project was that the owner of this dining set was adventurous and definitely not afraid of color, so all of that came into play as we planned and plotted and tried to come up with an amazing transformation that would bring this dining set back to life!. 

Here is what the dining set looked like when it was dropped off for it's makeover.

Just your average, run of the mill, blonde wood, tile topped table, desperately in need of a splash of personality, something to match it's wonderful owner, who has a personality that is so fun and bubbly and full of life.  We kicked around a few ideas, looked at a couple of different colors and came up with a combo that was fun and unique and different, but still functional and timeless. 


Isn't it an amazing transformation??  Definitely not your traditional dining table!!  The set has been given a slightly distressed finish (great for years of wear and tear!) with a HUGE pop of fun color!  There are still 2 more chairs coming which will be painted white to pull in the tile and lightly distressed to match the other chairs.

We love the color of this dining set now, and after seeing it in our client's house, we KNOW it is the perfect set for her! 

If you are interested in having one of your own items custom refinished, just contact us at to get started. 

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