Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Custom Order Desk Refinish

Check out this charming desk we just refinished for one of our fabulous customers!

Here is the BEFORE

and here is the

We just love how this piece turned out!!  It's such a fun color combo that's timeless and will be sure to last for years to come.  The customer is planning on adding her own pulls soon, which will definitely complete the look. 

Such a fun way to take a yardsale find and turn it into a timeless masterpiece!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

 Just finished a FABULOUS kitchen cabinet makeover that is simply
to die for....

It's perfect!!
Great color,
Fun style,
and definitely an improvement from where it all began!

Here is the BEFORE

Nice enough cabinets, but just your basic brown,
nothing really to brag about....

So it was time for a transformation ---
to turn them into something new and hip and trendy and fabulous!!

And here they are AFTER

We used Behr Paint in shades of Ultra Bright White for the upper cabinets and Wedgewood Springs for the lower cabinets.  Love how this color combo compliments one another and adds a beachy cottage feel to the space.  It totally brightens it up from the previous brown tones throughout the space. 

We absolutely love this makeover and plan to share every bit of this project
in an upcoming post.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Love This Product!!

I think this is a first for us here at Ary Ann's Place.

We've used a lot of products for A LOTTTT of different projects.
Along the way we have developed a a list of our favorite tried and true
go to's 
and we've also found our fair share of
let's steer clear of using that again experiences.

Just to clarify, we have never been asked to sponsor or promote specific products...
everything that we share is strictly from our own unbiased opinion.

And with one of our most recent projects we found a product that we ABSOLUTELY love and we think it is so amazing that we want to share it with all of you!

Check this out!!!

Klean Strip
Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser
I stumbled across this product with the help of one of the Home Depot associates working at the paint counter.  I had inquired about a particular brand of primer that claimed to provide coverage without the need for sanding.  The associate informed me that this particular primer would work (which I also love btw), but in light of the fact that I was working on an entire set of kitchen cabinets, he also recommended using the Sander Deglosser as well.

Now I have to admit...
at first I was a little skeptical that this product would even work.
But at under $7.00 a bottle, what could it hurt to try it out?!?!

So I made my purchase and hurried home, eager to try and see if this would really work

--and in the process save me about a bazillion hours of sanding, countless sheets of sandpaper, and aches and pains of hovering over SEVERAL pieces for this particular project --

There was obviously A LOT riding on this one.... :)
Well, guess what?!?!

It WORKED!!!  and it worked REALLY WELL!!!!  and it was FAST!!!  much faster than if I had sanded each and every piece (28 in total to be exact) of this particular refinishing project!!

It's a product that incorporates ALL of my favorite things --
-- quick & easy (even a beginner could use this)
-- inexpensive
-- provides a beautiful finished piece

So now that I've sung it's praises,
let me tell you just a little bit about how this product works.

STEP 1:  Use a dry cloth --I just used an old washcloth-- and dip it in the liquid deglosser, then wipe over the entire (cleaned) surface of the piece you are painting.

Step 2:  That's it....YOU'RE DONE!!

Only ONE step, and such an easy step too!
The instructions indicated that you could put on a second coat of deglosser if needed.  I'm sure there might be some projects out there that would need a heavier coat in order to provide better "grip" for the paint.  But for me, one coat did the trick!

The deglosser left the piece feeling somewhat tacky, but that was what provided a good base for the next steps on this project.  I waited for the deglosser to dry and then it was on to 2 coats of primer and then the fun part...
the beautiful paint colors chosen by our client for her gorgeous new kitchen!!

So I'm giving this product about 20 thumbs up!!!
It's well worth it's weight in gold and will have you singing it's praises after just one use!