Thursday, April 10, 2014


The only constant in life is Change.......
or so they say,

For some people change can be a really scary thing....
like really, REALLY scary.

I wouldn't say we fall into that category,
but I would say that sometimes we don't try things because:

1.  There's only so much you can do with only 24 hours in the day.

2.  There are so many others whose talents and ability far exceed could we possibly measure up to that?


3.  What could lil' ole me really contribute to help or assist in another's creative process?

But ya know what????....
I think something has finally clicked in this little pea brain of mine...either that
I've completely lost my marbles......

Because I think it's finally time for a change....
a BIG change!!
(at least it's a big change in my book!)

This blog started out as a way to showcase our refinished pieces,
a hobby that is where our {heart} definitely is!
And that is something we will never stop doing....NO MATTER WHAT!!!

But creativity is in our blood....
it makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to sleep at night
because my brain just doesn't know how to

and so it's FINALLY time to start steppin'....
even marching right out of that comfort zone and taking a chance,
cuz it's just what we gotta do!

I have about a ga-zillion
(ok, maybe that's an exaggeration...but I promise you there are A LOT!)
of notebooks around my house filled with lists and ideas and projects and plans......
more than I could ever possibly complete in one lifetime,
but I don't want to lose them because who knows,
maybe one day I might be able to make my idea a reality!

So rather than just keep all those ideas to myself,
I want to share whatever I can with anyone else who wants to listen,
even if someone looks at my ideas and says,
"Been there, done that..."

Cuz maybe somebody has,
but maybe....just maybe.....
there is someone who hasn't thought of that before,
or didn't know how to do that before,
or didn't even know they wanted to do that before.

Heck...I figure if nothing else,
I'll have a good way to organize these crazy overflowing thoughts in my head
and give them a place to stay other than my crammed little brain.

We will definitely continue to post our Fabulous re-Finishes and available Furniture items
but watch for more

How To's
Home & Garden Projects
Craft Ideas
and anything else we happen to try out....

We'll even share if it's a total flop,
cuz sometimes it's nice to share in both our successes,
and also in those projects that don't quite turn out the way we thought they would
(ya'll know we have 'em!)

We'll share it all here
and hope it will be of some benefit
to someone....
somewhere!  :)

So excited to start this new journey and so happy to share it with you!

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