Thursday, April 17, 2014

Making Your House a Home

For a while now I have been feeling like a HUGE change is needed in the place I call

I think I have gotten so ovewhelmed in the business.....and busy-ness....
of life that I wasn't able to do the little things I loved anymore..

like re-arranging furniture, painting, and adding new accessories that have the amazing effective of changing up the ENTIRE look and feel of a room.

So I don't even like to be in my house that much anymore!
It's not fun....
It's not unique....
It's not creative...
it's not

It's the me from like, a million years ago!
OK...not that long ago [because if it was I would still look pretty incredible for my age! :) ]

but it's the me from several years ago, the me that was perfect for that time and place but
definitely NOT
the ME I've now become....

Is this making any sense at all??

OK...maybe I'm just a little bonkers in the head,
but my house has always been a HUGE reflection of me.
It is a source of pride...
A way to express myself without words...
A place of comfort...
A place that is mine.

And it's time to focus on that again!
It's time to get back to basics,
to get rid of the clutter,
and to actually LIKE my house again!

Since I'm on a VERY tight budget, I have a game plan in mind
(kind of a weird but definitely unique plan that I'll share in the coming weeks)
to make some changes.

For now I'm compiling some
in the form of pictures...
just a small collection of ideas that I love,
cozy, cottagy, cute and charismatic pictures that speak to me and hopefully will say to others, 
"I bet YOU know EXACTLY who lives here!"

Sources of all pictures is Pinterest

 Love a bright pop of color on the front door.

 This wooden screen door adds so much charm.

 My front porch has a huge, ugly slab of cement like this.  I don't think I'd paint the address numbers, but this gives me some ideas on other things I could do to make it look better!

Nothing better than a cozy room with lots of throw pillows and sofa slipcovers to say, "Come on in!"

 Need a good place to store those things that get thrown on the floor or the nearest couch when you walk in the door, and this is perfect for small spaces.

 I don't need a huge space to eat so I love that shape & size of this table.  The pops of color are a nice touch and the bench makes for some comfy lounging.

For the logest time I've wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets blue, but they are custom and since I probably won't stay in this house forever, I think this may be a dream that will have to wait for my next house.

 My kitchen is not very big but a small island like this would be perfect extra counter and work space.

 I've always love the idea of consolidating work/craft space into a closet so that the room can still be used for other needs such as guests or extra bedrooms.

 Another small workspace....that might actually work in my kitchen.

 Just loved this one for the twinkle lights! :)

GREAT idea to use the dresser at the foot of the bed!!

Loved the simplicity of the scrapwood headboard whitewashed and embellished with bunting

Another great use for upcycling windows.

 Love the look and great for storage.

 Been wanting to paint my floors now for quite some time and just loved the brightness and fun of this pattern.

 Always drawn to stripes...might even try this on my outdoor patio.

 Speaking of patios, I'm on a mission to turn mine into an extension of my house.

 Love the idea of painting the inside of a door to add some color to any room.

 Love the stripes, love the steps, love it all!!

 Another creative -- and simple -- way to jazz up some steps.

Adding color to a room by painting the banisters...hummm, might have to give this some thought!

I'm so excited to get started on making my home more cozy and more ME!! 
Stay tuned to find out more about
Step 2:  How to get the $$ you need for some, if not all, of these fabulous projects!

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