Monday, September 27, 2010

Memorobilia Makeover

We have a wonderful customer who has just done some remodeling in her home and was looking for some creative ways to display a few of her heirloom keepsakes. 
She had a fun old washboard, a darling miniature parlor chair, some silverware and an old grater that belonged to members of her family.  She was looking for a way to incorporate these items into her decor.

And here is what we came up with.....

The framed silverware and grater will hang in her kitchen.  We found a couple of frames, removed the glass and the backing, stapled on some wire, which we lightly painted brown to give it a more worn look, and then just tied the pieces on with raffia.  Super simple and SUPER cute!

The washboard will be sitting on the mantle above her fireplace.  Behind the mantle is a gorgeous rock chimney, but the original wood color of the washboard blended in with the rock.  We painted it in cream, gave it a slightly distressed finish, and then for a personal touch we added a monogram for the family name.

This darling  miniature parlor chair will sit next to the washboard on the mantel.  We gave it the same cream distressed finish and then added some pops of color as accents.  We found this quaint little frame and then wired on some beautiful red flowers with tea-dyed accents to add to the heirloom feel of setting.  We also placed a small faux book in the same color on the chair.

It so fun to see the wonderful transformation that just a few small items can take and how these little changes can add so much to a room.!


  1. The framed cheese grater and silverware are adorable. What a great idea!

  2. Thanks Korrie! We've used this idea many times in our home decor for various rooms and items. Super easy and always fun to see what you can come up with!