Friday, September 24, 2010

White Wedding

Over the last few months we have been collaborating with a wonderful wedding planner, Jenelle, who has started her own business with her husband, and so we have been developing some pieces specific to the weddings she is currently planning.  We just refinished the pieces below for an upcoming "Seaside Wedding."  All of the furniture will have a distressed look, like pieces that have been washed up on the shore and exposed over time to the incoming tide.  We think they turned out beautifully!

Aren't they dreamy and romantic?  We think they will look absolutely beautiful as part of the "Seaside Wedding."

For this same wedding we will now be working on a unique backdrop made of old doors.  We are so excited to see the outcome!  Come back soon and you can see it too!

And if you are ever in the market for a wedding planner who can create a unique and personalized look that is just for you, give Jenelle a call.  She is extremely talented, has great vision, and will ensure that every detail from big to small is exactly what you want!

The name of her business is 
A Couple Designs

On a slighty different  note, we will be working up a storm this weekend on several different projects, taking advantage of the warm weather to get as much done as possible. 
We are finishing a fun way to display some sentimental items for a wonderful customer and will be posting pictures of that soon. 
We are currently working on a beautiful hutch that should be done by next week at this time.
All that and much, much more!

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