Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tween Appeal

"Niece Nelly" who recently turned 12 needed an update to a bookshelf that was in her room. She is in a new house and has new decor so refinishing her bookshelf was the next logical step.  The bookshelf before had worn out it's welcome, not to mention the fact that "Niece Nelly" had added her own personal touches by creatively drawing on various parts of the bookshelf when she was younger!

When it came to this project, we gave "Niece Nelly" complete control (however crazy that decision may have been!).  She chose the material, okay'd the paint color and approved the overall idea of how it would be completed.  The only thing she didn't pick out was the knob on the drawer, but we think she will love it anyway. 

Hopefully this project is worthy of our favorite Tween's approval!

We love you Nelly!

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