Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Decorating with Doors

I love, love, love decorating with doors!
They take up a lot of wall space and cover a black wall beautifully!
They had texture and layers and dimension so they "POP" instead of just blend in!
They can be painted and embellished and used in such creative ways that the possibilities are endless!
And so if an old door crosses my path --- it MUST come home with me!  No questions asked!

Here are just a few examples of ways that I've decorated with old doors over the years.  
Hope you enjoy the eye candy! 

We created this awesome backdrop from old doors that is great for weddings and other celebrations.

This is just half of a french door set that an amazing client offered us after a remodel.  We jumped at the chance and have loved them ever since.

Just another glimpse of the french door set used in another way....grouped together with some sheer curtains and lighting added for a cozy glow.

 Another look at the pretty french door....there are so many uses for these!

This beauty was from my Grandma's garage...it fits perfectly in mama's flower garden with all it's chippy charm.

 And this pretty little thing came from our family's Bear Lake Home away from home cute little farmhouse.  It used to be cream but I painted it a light aqua to match the rest of the decor.

And that's just a small sample!

Thanks for looking!

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