Monday, January 18, 2016

So Happy {and perfect} Together

A few months ago for of our fabulous customers, collaborators, and friends offered us a darling set of six chairs that she was no longer going to be using.  Well, if you know us at all, you know that we NEVER say no to a furniture offer!!  No matter what the condition is, we love the opportunity to give a piece of furniture a fabulous new makeover.  So within just a few hours the chairs were delivered and you can imagine how I might have been a little giddy when I saw these being unloaded from the truck!!

They were in excellent condition and my mind immediately went a little bit crazy with all the possibilities of what these could become.

Sometimes we jump right onto projects, and sometimes we like to let some sit for a while, mulling over ideas, trying out different options, and overall giving the furniture a chance to let us know just what it's makeover should be.

Sounds weird...but I'm telling ya'll, furniture really does have a way of letting you know just what to do with it!

I had a few thoughts for these chairs but nothing was really pushing me to get them done, so I just let them sit for a few months.

And then I JUST KNEW.....

And so I got started!  
Cuz when you KNOW you can't just wait, right??

Although the colors in my kitchen were definitely influential in this makeover,  I had planned to put this 6 piece set up for sale when they were done.  I thought it would be fun to have an unexpected pop of color to give the set an eclectic feel, so I decided that I was going to paint 2 chairs in Rustoleum Lagoon and the remaining 4 in Rustoleum White.  

I got started painting right away.  I knew I wanted to distress the chairs but when I started off with a light distressing it just wasn't the big guns came out and I went to town.  

Gotta tell ya....I'm pretty sure a good distressing makes everything soooo much better!!

Originally I had planned to paint the seats of the chairs in a dark walnut brown, but as I finished up the chairs and tested them out with the seats in their original condition, I really loved them in their original state!  The contrast and color were perfect!  So they stayed just as they were.

And here is the finished product!

Seriously...I don't think they get any cuter than this!

So remember back to when my original plan was to make these available for sale?  
As I was working on them I kept having that little voice in my head tell me how perfect they would be around my kitchen table.  After all, I was in transit for chairs and hadn't found anything that would work.  I kept trying to push that little voice away, but it was pretty persistent!

So I thought, OK Fine!!  
I'll just stage them around my table and that should help me decide whether or not I just have to have them.

So I completed the staging and snapped a few pics.....

By now you have probably guessed the end of the story!!
These cutie pies are staying with me!!

Love it when the unexpected comes together in such a pretty and perfect way!!!

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