Monday, June 16, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

 Just finished a FABULOUS kitchen cabinet makeover that is simply
to die for....

It's perfect!!
Great color,
Fun style,
and definitely an improvement from where it all began!

Here is the BEFORE

Nice enough cabinets, but just your basic brown,
nothing really to brag about....

So it was time for a transformation ---
to turn them into something new and hip and trendy and fabulous!!

And here they are AFTER

We used Behr Paint in shades of Ultra Bright White for the upper cabinets and Wedgewood Springs for the lower cabinets.  Love how this color combo compliments one another and adds a beachy cottage feel to the space.  It totally brightens it up from the previous brown tones throughout the space. 

We absolutely love this makeover and plan to share every bit of this project
in an upcoming post.

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