Monday, April 6, 2015

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refinish

We're moving along nicely with our current kitchen cabinet custom refinish....
say that 5 times fast!! :-)

The "process" of refinishing isn't necessarily the prettiest!  There is A LOT of work that happens behind the scenes before the final reveal, but we pictures like this let us know we're making progress.  Naturally, I forgot to get before pictures of the kitchen. of these days I'll remember to do that.  But I did manage to grab a quick shot of the banister before it was completely primed.

And as you can tell, a "sea" of cupboard doors is a beautiful site because we can monitor how far we've come!  We have a busy week ahead with final coats and clear protective finishes and polishing hardware and putting everything back together, so the big reveal will be coming soon!

Happy Monday All!!  Hope you're off to a great start!

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