Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pretty Floral Hamper

OK folks....who's ready for Christmas???
What??? haven't started checking off your list yet?
Well guess what??
We're here to help just when you need it the MOST!!
Over the next few weeks we will be posting several of our pieces at some AMAZING prices just in time for your holiday hustle and bustle to find that one perfect gift for EVERYONE on your list!

First up.....
This absolutely DARLING clothes hamper!

So pretty, huh?  
And the perfect way to hide your dirty clothes with it's breathable wicker woven back.  
Or better yet, use it to store extra towels or toilet paper so it's ready and within your reach at any time.

Dimensions are 22 3/4" tall, 19" wide and 10" deep.

Available for just $42.00!

Email us with inquiries.
Thanks for looking!

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