Monday, November 17, 2014

Cheerful Chair Set

OK.....confession time!!
I'm a procrastinator!!  
A tried and true, 
waiting until the night before, 
saving it for the very last possible minute, 
making everyone around me crazy with anxiety, 
kind of procrastinator.  
( feels better to get that off my chest!) my defense, the last minute is when my best work is done!  I know right now you're saying, "Sure it is!" ....but I'm telling you that's the real truth!

I'm what I would call a T-H-I-N-K-E-R
and sometimes that can cause me more time, pain, & frustration than you might imagine.
For example....
Let's just say I'm out on my normal junkin' & pickin' routine and 
just when I'm about to give up....
That ONE perfect piece!!!  It is practically illuminated in lights with angels singing all around it!
(or at least that is what I'm seeing, which probably tends to alarm all the other customers around me when I'm giddy doing my jumping for joy dance!)

Anywhooo....back to my point.
(as you can see I'm not only a procrastinator, but I'm also VERY easily distracted!)

So I take my "perfect" piece home and I want to have an equally perfect refinish, because that's what it deserves, right?!?!

So I think, and I think, and I think.....
and I thunk, and I thunk, and I thunk.....
And the more thinking I do the more confused I become about what I should do!!
(hopefully I'm not the only one this happens to!)

And eventually what happens is that I've "overthunked" (is that even a word??)  it soooo much, there is no way on earth I can ever be happy with the piece...because there is no WAY it will EVER live up to my 'THUNKING" process!!

As a coping mechanism for this personality defect of mine, I've resorted to the
strategy....which is to buy pieces, take them home, let them sit around (some for a few years or more) and then wait for the day when I'm ready to start on them!

That little story was probably MUCH longer than I intended and if you're still reading, then 
because you are probably my Procrastinating Bestie!

But that is exactly what happened with these chairs.
I saw them,
I wanted them,
I bought them.

I thought they were so cool and would need a makeover equivalent of their greatness!!
But I got overwhelmed....
and distracted.....
and found other projects that were calling my name.

That is until about two weeks ago, when I was looking in my shed and happened to see the arm of one of these chairs peeking out.
It was like it was calling my name!
So out they came and off I went....immediately with a plan in my head for what they needed to become ---
A plan that was only THREE years in the making!
(I would like to say that's my personal best....but sadly, it isn't! )

So here is YOUR reward for sitting through that little story with me and letting me share just a little bit about myself!!

Check out these beauties BEFORE:

Cool, right?  Worthy of a fabulous makeover, true?

And here is the 

Hopefully you agree with me that these were sooooo worth the procrastination and the wait....because I don't think they could get much more perfect than this!

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