Thursday, November 21, 2013

Custom Order Dining Set

We had a client bring us this fabulously HUGE 9 piece dining set complete with oval table, 2 leafs, and 8 chairs.
This set was sturdy and solid...just needed a little updating to make it look new again!

And here is the set AFTER with it's beautiful new makeover!

Please pardon the unflattering garage background and the fact that these pictures were taken at night with less than flattering lighting.  But even with all that, they still look absolutely gorgeous!!  The new finish will bring this family together for family dinners for many, many years to come!  

If you are interesting in bringing us one of your pieces for a custom refinish, just contact us to get started! (see email on sidebar)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blast from the Past

We love pieces that have a touch of nostalgia, some type of history that speaks to us and makes you wonder about all the many places and faces it may have seen.  
This is definitely that kind of piece!

This gorgeous dining table centerpiece is an old feeding trough, complete with original nails and all.  Great character from old wood and years of use...we can only imagine what this piece must have seen through the years!!  
We lightly dry brushed the outside to lighten it up but left everything in its near original state to capture all the charm that this piece could bring to your table or fireplace mantle.  Great for decorating for the seasons.  

Available at 
Vintage on Main
(see side bar for location and contact information)
for only $149.95.

Thanks for looking!